Apr 17


Sounds enticing, yeah? It is. London’s Horrors will amaze you with over 7-minutes of sheer musical terror. Copenhagen’s The Great Dictators have awesomeness, and London’s The Tricks will knock you out! Also, Laibach are back again with new music from Slovenia. For a more chill out sound, Gothenburg’s Oh, Harry featuring Harriet Ohlsson will entice you.

Check out the entire show list- much more to enjoy! 

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Cats N Rats “My Only One” (Estonia)
*Audrey Turner “Moanin’ The Blues” (San Francisco)
*Brandon Boyd “No Way To Say Goodbye” (Los Angeles)
*Laibach “Eurovision” (Slovenia)
*Windings “Bang Bang Normal Man” (Limerick City, IE)
*Skinny Puppy “Neuwerld” (Vancover)
*The Clocktower “Chill Pill” (Wolverhampton, U.K.)
*Kathleen Haskard “Untangle This Thing” (Los Angeles)
*Elbow “Honey Sun” (Bury, England)
*Plastic Flowers “Fog Song” (Greece)
*Battleme “I Want My Kim Deal” (Portland, OR)
*The Great Dictators “Coming Back In Style” (Copenhagen)
*Eagulls “Nerve Endings” (Leeds, England)
*Within Temptation f/Tarja “Paradise…” (Netherlands)
Jointpop “$oul$ Going Cheap” (Trinidad/Topago)
*St. Vincent “Psychopath” (New York City)
*Lõbison “Bala Hedonista” (Sevilla, Spain)
*Clan Of Xymox “Kiss And Tell” (Leipzig/Berlin)
*Afrojack vs Thirty Seconds To Mars “Do Or Die”
*Black Lips “Boys In The Wood” (Atlanta, Georgia)
*The Tricks “On Trial” (London)
*Oh, Harry “Now That We Found Love” (Gothenburg)
*Land Lovers “The Lonely One” (Dublin, Ireland)
*The Horrors “I See You” (London)
*KinZana “Burn Your Mind” (Ukraine)
*Yung Stash f/Yung Boston “Flexin’” (Boston)
Tensnake “Ten Minutes” (Sachen, DE)
*Tensnake f/ Nile Rodgers/Fiora “Good Enough…”
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Apr 10

Wanna hear something cool? DAVE PIRNER (Soul Asylum) w/ WITHIN TEMPTATION- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

This week’s brand new edition travels all around the world as usual. Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum joins Sharon den Adel on a vocal duet  with Within Temptation from The Netherlands on a great rocker. Lõbison from Spain will enchant you. Want different? Check out Italy’s Sixth Minor. Oh, and don’t miss Kasabian’s rare 2011 b-side “Julie & The Mothman”. If you saw the Jason Statham flick “Blitz” -you might remember it playing during the after credits rolled. 

                                          photo 60097f23-5baa-467d-97dc-b020421064d2_zps031361a1.jpg

Here is the entire show for this weekend 

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Tamara Bubble “A3C (Freestyle)” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Lõbison “Un Buen Hombre” (Sevilla, Spain)
*The Clocktower “Skip It Up Fandango”(Wolverhampton)
*St. Vincent “Birth In Reverse” (N.Y.C.)
*Dead Leaf Echo “So Wrong” (N.Y.C.)
*Within Temptation w/Dave Pirner “Whole..”(Netherlands)
*Brandon Boyd (Incubus) “Come Together” (Los Angeles)
*Land Lovers “Matilda” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Elbow “Charge” (Scotland)
*Tensnake “Listen Everybody” (Sachen-Anhalt, Germany)
*The Baron “Replicas” (Winnipeg, Canada)
*The Whereabouts “Don’t Bring Me Down” (Cavan, IE)
*The Vincents “Fever Dreams” (Cork, Ireland)
*Gary Numan “I Am Dust” (London/Los Angeles)
*Morning Parade “Alienation” (Harlow, Essex)
*Freddie & The Filos “Blue Eyes” (Spain)
*Tensnake “Ten Minutes” (Sachen-Anhalt, Germany)
*Sixth Minor “Eser” (Italy)
*Eagulls “Tough Luck” (Leeds, England)
*Davage “Gallent Foxes” (Bristol, England)
Kasabian “Julie & The Mothman” (2011) (Leicester)
*Axel Rudi Pell “Into The Storm” (Western, Germany)
*Windings “Bladerubber” (Limerick City, Ireland)
*Hella Donna “Groove On” (Plauen, Germany)
*Foreign Resort “Dead End Roads” (Copenhagen)
*Motorhead & Biff Byford (Saxon) “Starstruck” (Dio)
Sulu Babylon “See It In Colour” (replay) (Goole, U.K.)
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Mar 27


This special is designed to be a showcase for up and coming musicians and bands that have either been played on recent shows or debuting for the first time. Some songs are brand new and some are deserving replays. Throwing in some familiar artists for flavor, so you take notice of the newer ones. Enjoy this special two hours. Runs for two weeks.
Here is the entire line-up
There are no losers. All Winners!

*Denotes first time song airs on show

Biffy Clyro “Bubbles” (Glasgow, Scotland)
The Alarm “Superchannel” (Wales)
*The Clocktower “Feel The Highs” (Wolverhampton)
Glasvegas “Shine Like Stars” (Glasgow, Scotland)
We The People “Hollow Thoughts” (replay) (Ireland)
Wire “Magic Bullet” (London)
Peyote “Shoot Me” (replay) (London)
*Silver Arm “He Of The Slow Creep” (London)
British Sea Power “Luna” (Brighton)
Manraze “Running Me Up” (London)
Mutant Vinyl “Lavender” (replay) (Liverpool)
*The Battles Of Winter “Where Did You Get..(London)
*Sir Paul McCartney “Looking At Her” (England)
Wideboy Generation “Typical Blonde” (replay) (Enfield)
Land Lovers “Vittima di Cucina” (replay) (Dublin)
The Black Delta Movement “MacBeth” (replay) (Hull)
*The Fratellis “Rock n Roll Will Break…” (Glasgow)
*John Lennon McCullagh “North South Divide” (Donacaster)
*Honey Bane “Ya Got Me All Wrong (Dressed)” (London)
*Dead Wolf Club “Metropolis” (London)
Travis “Mother” (Scotland)
*Ka tet “Shere Khan” (Galway, Ireland)
*The Whereabouts “In Spite Of All The Danger” (Cavan, IE)
Kooks “Fuck The World Off” (Brighton)
*The Strypes “Heart Of The City” (Nick Lowe) (Cavan, IE)
*Sulu Babylon “See It In Colour” (Goole, near Hull)
Kascarade “Notebook” (replay) (Bradford)
Frightened Rabbit “Wedding Gloves” (Selkirk, Scotland)
Watchtower “Under Your Thumb” (replay) (Liverpool)
*Katalina Kicks “She Goes Where” (London)
*The Crookes “Playdumb” (Sheffield)
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Mar 20

Incubating New Artists from around the world-oh-and BRANDON BOYD!- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

This week don’t miss Spain’s FREDDIE & the FILOS, along with the debut of LWOL 2013 discovery Copenhagen’s INOUWEE’s best song yet. Liverpool’s ALI INGLE -another 2013 LWOL discovery strong new single, much requested all girl band from Switzerland MISS RABBIT with a new track, and the eccentric Swiss experimental CAMILLA SPARKSSS also back with a new one. Lots of NEW!

Here is the entire show

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Skinny Puppy “DaddyuWarbash” (Vancouver)
*Little Dragon “Klapp Klapp” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Freddie & The Filos “Guide Me Home” (Spain)
*Deltron 3030 “What Is This Loneliness” (L.A./Space)
*Miss Rabbit “Naive” (Switzerland)
*U.S. Royalty “Lady In Waiting” (Washington, DC)
*Ali Ingle “The Locker” (Liverpool)
*Seabound “Nothing But Love” (Germany)
*Brandon Boyd (Incubus) “Lady Black” (Los Angeles)
*Black Lips “Dog Years” (Atlanta, Georgia)
*Inouwee “Explode” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Satellite Stories “Australia (Don’t…) (Oulu, Finland)
*Ume “Black Stone” (Austin, Texas)
*The Vincents “Who’s That Boy” (Cork, Ireland)
*Vintertur “Yeah” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Theophilus London “Based God” (Brooklyn)
*Axel Rudi Pell “Hey Hey My My” (Western Germany)
*Council “Lithium” (N.Y.C.)
*The Battles Of Winter “My Friend The…”) (London)
*Stumbleine f/Violet Skies “And Then He..” (U.K.)
*Trapped In Autumn “Circles” (Manchester, England)
*Electric Litany “Silence” (Athens, Greece)
*Camilla Sparksss “Killer” (Switerland)
*Bigelf “Alien Frequency” (Los Angeles)
*Victor Ward “Some Other Time” (Manchester)
*Nina Persson “Animal Heart” (Malmo, Sweden)
*Anette Olzon “Falling” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Clan Of Xymox “Your Own Way” (Berlin/Leizig)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Ridin’ W/ James Dean” 
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Mar 13

A Watchtower, Elbow, London, and a Turner-all this week- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

This week runs the gamut from the best in Hip-Hop, more new artists from the U.K. and Ireland, and the deep Blues of Audrey Turner, widow of Ike. Quite the mix this week, including the third new track from Levinhurst featuring the vocals of Cindy Levinson and two original CURE members Lol Tolhurst and Michael Dempsey. Always spanning the globe week after week to bring you music you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Plus the new Elbow!

Here is this weeks line-up in full

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Nostalghia “Homeostasis” Los Angeles)
*Yuri’s Accident “No Correlation” (Athens, Greece)
*The Battles Of Winter “The Engine (Of Civic…)” (London)
*Audrey Turner “I Smell Trouble” (San Francisco)
*The Strypes “What A Shame” (Cavan, Ireland)
*The Stranglers “Giants” (Surrey, England)
*Theophilus London “Do Girls” (Brooklyn)
*Council “Rise” (N.Y.C.)
*Watchtower “Under Your Thumb” (Liverpool)
*Elbow “New York Morning” (Bury, England)
*Jim Button “Sunday Morning” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Custom “Play” (N.Y.C.)
*Indica “Goodbye To Berlin” (Finland)
*Bend Sinister “You Remind Me” (Vancouver)
*IAMEVE “Walking On A Dream” (Los Angeles)
*Billy Sedlmayr “Hardbound” (Tucson, Arizona)
Movits! “Marching Band?” (Sweden)
*Love Cream “Why Not Me?” (Adelaide, So. AU)
*Blue Flower Project “Reflections” (Frankfurt, Germany)
*Miwi La Lupa “Everybody’s F*ckin’ With Me” (N.Y)
*We The People “Razorblades and Ashtrays”(Ireland)
*Levinhurst “Everything” (Los Angeles)
*Rubberlips “The Traveller” (mix) (West Yorkshire, UK)
*Peyote “We’ll Be Alright” (London)
*Augustines “Kid You’re On Your Own” (N.Y.C.)
*The Denzels “Self Talk” (Brooklyn)
*El Mito de las Maquinas “Ciclis” (Valencia, Spain)
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Mar 6


Do not miss young 16-year old John McCullagh (real name) from Donacaster U.K. (Produced by Alabama 3), and Dortmund Germany’s (now resides in France) CAN founder Irmin Schmidt. Plus new songs by The Whereabouts (Cavan, Ireland), Vintertur (Copenhagen), Jointpop (Trindad), and Peyote (London).

Here the entire show

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*I Break Horses “Denial” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Chaos Rising f/Jeff Loomis “A New Fiction” (Moscow)
*Levinhurst “Somewhere” (Los Angeles)
*Yellow Ostrich “Shades” (New York)
*Land Lovers “Vittima di Cucina” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Eternal Summers ” Gouge” (Roanoke, VA)
*Peyote “Quite Like It” (London)
*Annie’s Revier “Warum” (Hannover, Germany)
Waldemaar “Joko” (replay) (Malmo, Sweden)
*White Sea “They Don’t Know” (Los Angeles)
*John Lennon McCullagh “Towerland Lullaby” (UK)
*Irmin Schmidt “Le Weekend” (Dortmund/ France)
*The Men “Another Night” (Brooklyn, NY)
*The Shapes “You Are There” (Palermo, Italy)
*The Whereabouts “Fever” (Cavan, Ireland)
Jim Button “The Big Breakthrough” (Replay) (Hamburg)
*We The People “Hollow Thoughts” (Ireland)
*Sofia Talvik “Glow” (Sweden /Berlin)
*Vintertur “Without Cause” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Gardens & Villa “Colony Glen” (Santa Barbara, CA)
*Jointpop “Monday Morning Love Situation” (Trinidad)
*Honey Bane “This Ain’t Reality” (London)
*Katalina Kicks “145″ (London)
*Combichrist “From My Cold Dead Hands” (Atlanta)
*Michael Franti & Spearhead “Let It Go” (San Francisco)
*The Vincents “Summer Song” (Cork, Ireland)
*Heavy Metal Anthem “Again & Again” (Los Angeles)
*TOY “Frozen Atmosphere” (London)
*Goldfrapp “Thea” (London)
*Ka tet “Free Love” (Galway, Ireland)
**Joan Jett song of the week returns next week
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Feb 27

PEYOTE, a BUTTON, and two parts CURE for you this week! SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

Miss the early rhythm & keyboards of THE CURE? Don’t miss the first of 3 songs coming over the next 3 weeks from LEVINHURST. The trio is Lol Tolhurst and Michael Dempsey, both original members of THE CURE. Killer subtle vocals are by Cindy Levinson.  The rockin’ Londoner’s PEYOTE make their LWOL debut along with the dreamy pop of Hamburg’s JIM BUTTON.

Here is the entire show

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Leitbur “Think Of Tomorrow” (Los Angeles)
*Peyote “Shoot Me” (London)
*Jim Button “The Big Breakthrough” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Humanimals “Julia’s Scissors” (Spain)
*Yuri’s Accident “Lights On Her Eyes” (Athens, Greece)
*Until The Ribbon Breaks “Perspective” (Cardiff, Wales)
*Honey Bane “The Right Thing To Do!” (London)
*Snowmine “Columbus” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Custom “House On Fire” (N.Y.C.)
*The Aviators “What Do You Want From Me” (Glasgow)
*Levinhurst “Nothing” (Los Angeles)
*Brainyboxer f/Ronny Morris “In This House” (Paris)
*Annie’s Revier “Zurück Zum Start” (Hannover, Germany)
*Liars “Mess On A Mission” (Los Angeles)
*Jacqriot “Stranger” (Los Angeles)
*N.A.S.A. f/Karen O “I Shot The Sheriff” (Brazil)
*Augustines “Nothing To Lose But Your Head” (N.Y.C.)
*Angel Olsen “Hi-Five” (St. Louis)
*Heimataerde “Misere re Mei” (Germany)
*Elastic Sleep “You Only Live Twice” (Cork, Ireland)
*New Madrid “Manners” (Athens, Georgia)
*Yung Stash “Alright (Don’t Like Riddim)” (Boston)
The Shapes “Time” (replay) (Palermo, Italy)
*Windings “Neverwood” (Limerick City, Ireland)
*Tony deKaro “Bright Eyes” (Frankfurt, Germany)
*Neil Finn “Flying In The Face Of Love” (Auckland)
*D. Mccoy’s T.Rex f/B.Legend “Groover The Mover”(DE)
*Beck (Hansen) “Blue Moon” (Los Angeles)
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Feb 20

#IrishInvasion continues this week! SATURDAY 11am-SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

Cavan, Ireland’s THE STRYPES, THE WHEREABOUTS, and Cork’s THE VINCENTS, THE CAREERS, continue to show why eyes and ears are on this European Country. A band that was played a lot back in 2007 on Lopsided World Of L, Phoenix, Arizona’s KONGOS who are making it big now in America and beyond are in the mix, along with the soulful JACQRIOT outta Los Angeles. Also the exclusive return of CUSTOM (you will not hear this anywhere currently), plus more from Europe, America, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Greece, etc.

Internationally yours from Berlin, Germany every week on INDIE1031

Here the entire show

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*The Strypes “Blue Collar Jane” (Cavan, Ireland)
*Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang” “Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees cover)
*The Whereabouts “Hippy Hippy Shake” (Cavan, Ireland)
*Love Cream “Hot In The Dark” (Adelaide, So. Australia)
*Kongos “Come With Me Now” (Phoenix/South Africa)
Honey Bane “The Bomb” (replay) (London)
*The Battles Of Winter “White Count” (London)
*Custom “F*cking For Babies” (Los Angeles)
*The Shapes “Time” (Palermo, Italy)
*Sam Roberts Band “We’re All In This Forever” (Montreal)
*Jacqriot “Feel The Energy” (Los Angeles)
*Sound Of Soul “State Of Families” (Italy)
*The Smoggers “Shame On You” (Sevilla, Spain)
*Dead School “Incisions” (Cork, Ireland)
*Mickey Leigh “I Got A Message For You” (Queens, NY)
*The Vincents “Milk With Tea” (Cork, Ireland)
*The Anna Thompsons “Amazing Grace” (Berlin, Germany)
*Killing The Ashes “X-Sound” (Italy)
*Pixies “Greens And Blues” (Massachusettes)
*Eric Zayne “True North” (Montreal/Los Angeles)
*The Winter’s Tale “In This World” (Italy)
*Redrama f/ Kristinia Barge “Let Go” (Helsinki, Finland)
*The Black Delta Movement “Emissary” (U.K.)
*Nicole Atkins “Cool People” (New Jersey)
*The Careers “All The All The Whiles” (Cork, Ireland)
8MM “Scream Where The Heart…(replay) (Los Angeles)
*The Noise Figures “Tame The Knife” (Athen’s, Greece)
Tony deKaro “Do It In Deutschland” (replay) (Frankfurt)
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Feb 13

SHE SHOW- Volume 6 “Bringing justice to Women Musicians”- SATURDAY 11am -SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

When this series began a couple of years ago, some might have thought, just a bunch of women musicians. Wrong. It began as a great showcase and exposure for many women that might hardly or never be heard. As the series continues, it is NOW THE  SHOWCASE for women artists. Worldwide this special as has become the most popular and most listened to anywhere!

Here is the latest line-up for Volume 6

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*The Venomous Pinks “Never Say Never” (Phoenix, AZ)
*Lamia Cross “Kaguyahime” (Paris / Tokyo)
*8mm “Scream Where Your Heart Should Be” (Los Angeles)
*Honey Bane “The Bomb” (London, England)
Miss Rabbit “Shake My Ass” (replay) (Switzerland)
*Skinbelly “Amateur Hour” (Sparks cover) (New York)
*Tamara Bubble “Just Say No” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Inouwee “Mother” (Danzig cover-replay) (Copenhagen)
Morcheeba “Face Of Danger” (replay) (London)
*Shirley Levi “Walk Away” (Live acoustic) (Los Angeles)
*Hella Donna “Perfect” (Plauen, Germany)
*The Crystal Method f/ LeAnn Rimes “Grace” (L.A.)
*Samsaya “Stereotype” (Norway /India)
*Cibo Matto “Emerald Tuesday” (Japan)
Mental Monky Ballet “You’re More…(replay) (Stockholm)
*Sky Ferreira “24 Hours” (New York)
*Speedy Ortiz “American Horror” (Northampton, Mass.)
*Cate Le Bon “Sisters” (Los Angeles / Wales)
*Emika “Sing To Me” (Berlin, Germany)
*Blues Pills “The River” (Sweden)
*Zero Zero “You Know What To Do” (Scottsdale, AZ)
*Genna Marabese “We Are Animal” (U.K.)
*Astrid North “Honda” (live) (Berlin, Germany)
Nostalghia “Cool For Chaos” (replay) (Los Angeles)
*Indica “A Definite Maybe” (Finland)
*Sibille Attar “Come Night” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Best Coast “I Wanna Know” (Eagle Rock, CA)
*Blondfire “Young Heart” (Los Angeles)
*Jase Dillan “Sin” (Boston, Mass.)
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* VOLUME 7 coming in Summer
Feb 8


This week the show begins with new artists and new music from all over the world like normal, whatever normal is, and then by half-time turns in Black and White. Keeping you on your toes. Don’t miss more from the #IrishInvasion The Whereabouts, plus a couple of band’s from Italy- The Last Vinci and Human Colonies. Oh, a brand new CLAN OF XYMOX song by the longtime group now residing in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany.

On the dark side, a rare Rammstein version of “Paint It Black”.

Here is the entire show

*Denotes first time song is aired on show

*The Noise Figures “Black Caravan” (Athens, Greece)
*Chris Pope “One Happy Man” (London, England)
*Little Brother Eli “Church” (Acoustic) (Oxford, England)
*Tears For Fears “Ready To Start” (Arcade Fire cover) (UK)
*Clan Of Xymox “Loves On A Diet” (Leipzig/Berlin, Germany)
The War On Drugs “Red Eyes” (replay) (Philadelphia)
*The Whereabouts “In Spite Of All The Danger” (Cavan, Ireland)
*The Last Vinci “Damned” (Italy)
*Human Colonies “Sunshine Jesus” (Italy)
*Neon Trees “Sleeping With A Friend” (Provo, Utah)
*New Model Army “Lean Back And Fall” (Bradford, England)
*Los News “Stupid! It’s All A Lie” (Sevilla, Spain)
*Waldemaar “Joko” (Malmo, Sweden)
*Die Krupps “Essenbeck” (Duesseldorf, Germany/Austin)

-the theme for 2nd half is “Schwarze Und Weiß”-

Black Lab “Dying To Just Hold You”
The Battles Of Winter “Blackout For The Bloodsuckers” (replay) (UK)
Eisbrecher “Schwarze Witwe”
*The Black Delta Movement “Blister” (UK)
The Black Angels “Don’t Play With Guns”
Frank Black “Cactus” (Live on Lopsided World Of L-2006)
Black ‘N Blue “Falling Down”
*The Black And White Years “Embraces” (Austin, Tx)
Black Star Riders “Someday Salvation”
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Black Leather” (Rap/Dance mix)
Black 47 “Brooklyn Girls”
Rammstein “Paint It Black” (rare Mick sample mix cover)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “River Styx”
Black Light Burns (Wes Borland) “The Girl In Black”
Blackmore’s Night “Toast To Tomorrow”

More information on Official Website