Dec 1


#317 Berlin era celebrates my 70th year on this planet. So one B’day song by London’s Love Zombies. Girl In A Coma’s Nina Diaz goes solo, Tasmania’s Brandish with a song everyone can relate to about airports. Want Soul? Lee Fields and The Expressions has it for you. Key artists not to miss; True Moon (Sweden), IAMEVE (L.A.), and Dj Maars (Melbourne).


*Denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*True Moon “Voodoo” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Anton (Ewald) “Devil” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Nina Diaz “Trick Candle” (San Antonio, TX)
*DJ Maars f/ Born Ina Barn “Soundclash” (Melbourne, AU)
-back and front announce-
*Love Zombies “Birthday” (London)
*Dead To Me “I Wanna Die In Los Angeles” (San Francisco)
*Gang Of Four “At Home He’s A Tourist” (Live 2016) (Leeds, U.K.)
*Statickman “Soul Young” (Santiago, Chile)
-back and front announce-
*Brandish “Airport Song” (Launceston, Tasmania)
*Rafael & Energia “Hasta que salga el sol” (Dominican Republic)
*Kate Tempest “Europe Is Lost” (Southeast London)
*X-ite Project “The Sound Of Goodbye” (Bremen, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Hooten Tennis Club “Kat-Anne Bellis” (Liverpool, U.K.)
*Jason Ryan Taylor “Feeling Me” (N.Y.)
*Miracle Flair “Soul Witness” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
*Lee Fields & The Expressions “How I Like It” (Brooklyn, NY)
-back and front announce-
*Sky Between Leaves “Out Of Body Experience” (London)
*The Blet Project “A Love Of Sin” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Alice Cooper “Is It My Body” (new live 2016 version)
*Wildhart “Heal” (Göteborg, Sweden)
-back and front announce-
*Betontod “Freunde” (Rheinberg, Germany)
*Pepperhead “See Through You” (Sydney, Australia)
*Waconzy “Ogbono” (Nigeria)
*IAMEVE “Starman” (Los Angeles)
-back and front announce-
*Allusondrugs “Good People” (Yorkshire, England)
*Fauna Twin “Water On Mars” (Paris, France)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”
*The Undivided “Satellites” (South Wales)
-back and front announce-
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Du Hast” (live version)
*Screamin Rachel “My Main Man Chump Change…” (Chicago)

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Nov 26


#316 Berlin era is an all around the world mix of many developing artists and ones you know. Switzerland’s Miracle Flair return with new music after a few years with a more heavy sound. Scotland’s Darkhause, Liverpool’s Louis Berry, Los Angeles singer Rachel Mason, and Malmö, Sweden’s Arash featuring Snoop Dogg are not to be missed.


*Denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Inconsistent Jukebox f/Marie Fontaine “LikeyNike” (Leeds)
*Michael Resin “Vicious Minds Project” (Bex, Switzerland)
*The Interrupters “She Got Arrested” (Los Angeles)
*The Sunjays “Konnichiwa” (Hamburg, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Placebo “Jesus’ Son” (London, England)
*Hubert Kah “Niemand Ist Wie Du” (Germany)
*The Mission “Blood On The Road” (Leeds, England)
*Vonny & Clyde f/Terri Bjerre “Higher” (Hamburg, Germany)
-back and front announce-
*Rachel Mason “Tigers In The Dark” (Los Angeles)
*Wax Tailor “Ecstasy” (France)
*Waconzy “True Story” (Nigeria)
*Louis Berry “Restless” (Liverpool, England)
-back and front announce-
*Ben Ford-Davies “Vitruvian Man” (Adelaide, So. Australia)
*Tensnake “Desire” (Hamburg, Germany)
*The Souls “Run Baby Run” (Switzerland)
*Darkhause “Feel My Pain” (Livingston, Scotland)
-back and front announce-
*Moby & The Void Pacific Choir “Hey Hey (New York)
*Miracle Flair “The Unfulfilled” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down”
*Martin Nocun “80s Kids” (Bournemouth, U.K.)
-back and front announce-
*Michael Sweet (Stryper) “One Way Up” (Whittier, CA)
*Arash f/ Snoop Dogg “OMG” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Kieran Robertson “Wizard” (Glasgow, Scotland)
-back and front announce-
*Novelists “5:12 AM” (Paris, France)
*So-Star f/Que Da Wiz “Spell Of Magic” (Manchester, England)
-back and front announce-
*Hey Bulldog “Divide And Conquer” (Manchester, England)

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Nov 17

@LopsidedWorld of L -All NEW “SHE SHOW- VOLUME 17″- this week- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

The longest running most popular of Lopsided World of L specials returns with an all new #315 Berlin era. Highlights: 13-year old Saphira from Switzerland back with a brand new tune about teenage harassment. Jane Jensen makes a comeback after years with a countrified number you will dig, and Hamburg, Germany’s Jim Button (a woman) also back after quite some time. Plus, top selling British crime fiction writer and musician Mandasue Heller takes a turn returning to her roots with a catchy jazz song. 


*Denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Delerium “Stay” (Canada)
*Sky Baby Siren f/ Elia) “Day By Day” (Sydney, Australia)
+ Chrissi Poland “Shaky Man” (New York City)
*Kate Tempest “Lionmouth Door Knocker” (South London)
-back and front announce-
*Hirie f/ Nattali Rize “Woman Comes First” (Hawaii)
*Suzanna Van Moyland “Mind In Mind” (London)
*Jane Jensen f/M. Bisi “Cowboys Make Good Lover’s (L.A.)
*Double Françoise “Les French Chanteuses” (France)
-back and front announce-
*Goat Girl “Country Sleaze” (South London)
*Norma Jean Martine “No Gold” (Middletown, N.Y.)
*Saphira “5 Minutes” (Switzerland)
*Sunday Wilde “That Man Drives Me Mad” (Canada)
-back and front announce-
+Rykarada Parasol “Le Fils du Pere Noel” (Paris/SF)
*Lucy Dacus “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny…” (Richmond, VA)
*Jim Button “Keep Calm And Carry On” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Babeheaven “Moving On” (West London)
-back and front announce-
*Tamara Bubble “Break Yo Back” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Katharina Busch “Try Try” (Zürich, Switzerland)
*Mandasue Heller “Crazy” (Manchester, England)
*Delta Omega f/Alyona Ivanova “All Right All…” (Russia)
-back and front announce-
*Elohim “Hallucinating” (Los Angeles)
*Charlee M. “No One Knows” (Germany)
*Forever Still “Miss Madness” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*April Anne “Winding Road” (Phoenix, AZ)
-back and front annonuce-
*Icielani “Hands Up High” (Toronto, Canada)
*Just A Gent f/Melissa Ramsay “Loaded” (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Lights That Change “7 Union (For Louise)” (N.Wales/London)
*Go Satta “Go Dub” (Plymouth, England)
*Ilona “Love’s Out The Window” (London)
-back and front announce-
*Zoe Zac “Heartbreak And Scopolamine” (Hobart, Australia)
+Little Sparrow “I Found A Way” (Manchester, England)

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Nov 10


#314 Berlin era has an element of cool. The Mission have one of the best albums out currently. You will enjoy Nottingham, England’s Seaford Mods and  London’s La Bella Luna. For the electronic side Hamburg, Germany’s Vonny & Clyde have two songs on this edition. For the rock in you Witchcraft are back with a new song and New York’s Tyketto has your sound. And one more newbie from Saliva. Playlist is below.


*Denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*La Bella Luna “Jim’s Big Hit” (London)
*Vonny & Clyde “Traum” (Hamburg, Germany)
+Karen Clercq “Questions réponses” (Brussels)
*Witchcraft “The Outcast” (Sweden)
*Spring King “Detroit” (United Kingdom)
*Waconzy f/ Ras Slick “Linda Ikeji” (Nigeria)
+We Used To Make Things “(The Google Song)” (London)
*Daniel Briegert & Kenny Laakkinen “Outta Space” (Hanover)
*Sleaford Mods “TCR” (Nottingham, England)
*Martin Nocun “Esta Loca” (Bournemouth, England)
*Pixies “Talent” (Massachusetts)
*Banks & Steelz “Anything But Words” (N.Y.C.)
*Blackberry Smoke “Waiting For The Thunder” (Atlanta, GA)
*D.D Dumbo “Walrus” (Australia)
RAMONES SONG OF THE WEEK: “We Want The Airwaves”
*French Horn Rebellion “The Right Time” (Brooklyn)
*Adam Harpaz “Waterslide” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Step “Stay Awake” (London/Rome)
*Saliva “Loneliest” (Memphis, TN)
*Vonny & Clyde & HSR f/Terri B “Show Me” (Hamburg)
*Overlord “Mission To Mars” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*B-Bless “Why” (N.Y.C.)
*New Model Army “Burn The Castle” (Bradford, England)
*Mozaics “Always Want You” (Channel Islands/York)
*Déjà Vega “Friends In High Places” (Winsford, U.K.)
*The Harlots “Umma Gumma” (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Mission “Tyranny Of Secrets” (Leeds, England)
*William Gray “Drops In The Ocean” (China/U.K.)
*Tyketto “Reach” (New York)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: Du Riechst So Gut” (Live)

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Nov 3

@LopsidedWorld of L- New SALIVA!- JAMES EDGE and the MINDSTEP- CHUCK ROBERTS- this week- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

Berlin era #313 back with all new music! Featuring a band that comes back after years. Memphis rocker’s SALIVA! Real flavor from London’s M.I.A., Kent, England’s James Edge and the Mindstep, Vienna’s Famp, and a song that will make you say “whoa” by Chuck Roberts voice over Italy’s Carmelo Carmone music that opens this edition. Fans of Oasis and Grandaddy, rejoice with new tunes.


*Denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Chuck Roberts “In The Beginning” (C.Carmone Remix) (Italy)
*M.I.A. “Bird Song” (Blaqstarr Remix) (London, England)
*Saliva “Hand In Hand” (Memphis, Tennessee)
*Yannick Burky “Livin’ The Dream” (Switzerland)
*Grandaddy “Way We Won’t” (Modesto, CA)
*James Edge and the Mindstep “Four Two Four” (Kent)
*We Used To Make Things “Colin Is Unwell” (London)
*DGM “Animal” (Italy)
*Famp “Can You Remember” (Vienna, Austria)
*D’Opus & Roshambo “The Road” (Canberra, Australia)
*Benjamin Schoos “The Dragonfly Man” (Paris, France)
*Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show “Freakshow” (N.Y.C.)
*Velvet Flare “6th Of June” (Brisbane, Australia)
*The Society “Begging” (Manchester, England)
+ Kids On Bridges “Something In The Water” (Liverpool)
*Mesh “The Last One Standing” (Bristol, England)
*The Controllers “You Think You Are…” (Melbourne, AU)
*Atmosphere “Like A Fire” (Minneapolis)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Howling At The Moon”
*The Tallest Man On Earth “Rivers” (Dalarna, Sweden)
*Oasis “Don’t Go Away” (Mystique Demo) (Manchester)
*Selahphonic “Easy” (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Benzin” (Live version)
*Valdaway “Beautiful View” (Perth, Australia)
*The Lion & The Wolf “Heaven Forbid” (Isle Of Wight)
*So-Star f/ Dying Seed “Getting The Signals” (Manchester)
*Twilight Force “Powerwind” (Borlänge, Sweden)

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Oct 27

@LopsidedWorld of L- one more week of culture “Do It In Deutschland -Vol. 4- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

Berlin era #312 rounds out Euro month with an all new Deutsch special edition. Number 4 in a series. All Deutsch related artists. Not all songs are in Deutsch. Musicians do sing in English too. Enjoy a stimulating adventure in many styles of music. Some artists you will know and many you won’t. Add some some more culture to your ears this weekend. “Do It In Deutschland! Next week the return of Saliva!


*Songs in English and Deutsch

Wolf Hoffmann “Scherzo”
Lindemann “That’s My Heart”
Grey Attack “Let Me Go”
Experience Of Music “Space Bass”
The Tips “Leaving Home”
Jerome Clark “WakaWaka”
:Wumpscut “Warmonger Scheusal”
The Sweeps “Careless” (Elektromekanik Remix)
Maggers United “Wann Fängst Du An?”
Motorowl “Old Mans Maze”
Laura Carbone “Swans”
Peter Zimmermann f/ Gordon Golletz “Tanzn”
Alyzee “One Wish”
Eisenwut “Gib mir Kraft”
Beyond The Black “Written In Blood”
Was Wenn’s Regnet “Barfuss durch die Wüste”
K&K Project “Hour Glass”
Long Distance Calling “The Man Within”
Rammstein “Rammlied”
Freudenthal “Elena”
Betontod “Küss Mich”
Ian Turner & Tony T “Tonight”
Lola Dutronic “Modern Suicide”
Grayhound O.C.D. “Alone”
pGarage “Crazy Cat”
Hella Donna “Liberty”
Mark Ganesh & Dj Preacher “I’m Alone”

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Oct 21

@LopsidedWorld of L- Get culture this week “VIVE la FRANCE- SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

#311 Berlin era is a first for LWOL. An ambitious refreshing special featuring all French music mostly in French featuring numerous artists from a new compilation produced by Benjamin Schoos. Also many recent songs I have played and some older gems from my personal library. Overall savor some Euro culture this week and enjoy the sounds of France. Some key artists are: Double Françoise, Benjamin Schoos & Laetitia Sadier, Karen Clercq, and The Loved Drones. “Vive la France”


*Songs Mostly in French- get some culture

Nous Non Plus “Allô Allô”
Jerome Echenoz f/ Anna Jean “Le chrome et le coton”
Benjamin Schoos & Laetitia Sadier “Une dernière danse”
LeonXLeon “Tubular Dance”
Yelle “Safari Disco Club”
April March & Aquaserge “Des tics et des tocs”
Marianne Dissard “Election”
La Femme “Antitaxi”
11 Acorn Lane “Le Sexe Au Telephone” (Do Me Do Mix)
Double Françoise “L’automobile
The Aikiu f/ JD Samson “Win”
Nous Non Plus “Wanderlust (Au Bout De Le Terre)”
Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux “Tour de le planete”
M83 f/ Mai Lan “Bibi The Dog”
Benjamin Schoos & Laetitia Sadier “Je ne vois que vous”
Etienne de Crécy f/Alex Gopher & Asher Roth “Smile”
Alex Rossi & Frédéric Lo “La chanson la plu triste di monde”
Karen Clercq “Questions réponses”
Rammstein “Frühling In Paris” (non French)
Miam Monster Miam & Loved Drones “La femme plastique”
Extra Pillow “No Drafting” (Original Mix)
Jacques Duvall & Coralie Clément “Comme par désenchantment”
The Loved Drones “Escape From The Terror Drone”
Isadorable “Juan d’Oultremont”
Autour de Luce “Chanson sans issue”
Lamia Cross “Hiroshima-ce jour là” (Remix in Japanese/French)
Sophie Galet “L’Excelsior”
Juniore “La Fin du Monde”
Luna f/Laetitia Sadier “Bonnie & Clyde” (in film Irma Vep)

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Oct 12


Celebrating 6 years this week on @indie1031 -Back with an all new edition #310 Berlin era featuring South  Londoner Kate Tempest with new music. Kate’s 2014 album was #1 on LWOL. Kent, England’s Jack Rose, for you French language lover’s Alex Rossi & Frédéric Lo will satisfy, Germany’s Dj Cerrito and Bournemouth, England’s Martin Nocun are electronically yours, and don’t miss the wild King Canute. Oh, David Byrne is featured on a new De La Soul track.


*First time song airs on show + is replay

*The Glorious North “D.I.V.O.R.C.E” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Covenant “Sound Mirrors” (Helsingborg, Sweden)
*Kate Tempest “Don’t Fall In” (South London)
*Alex Rossi & Frédéric Lo “La chanson la triste…” (France)
*Phil Rudd “The Other Side” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Max Denoise f/Angel Falls “Forgive You” (Milan, Italy)
*Drowners “Pick Up The Pace” (N.Y.C.)
*Jack Rose “Can’t Say No” (Kent, England)
*Twin Atlantic “No Sleep” (Scotland)
*De La Soul w/ David Byrne “Snoopies” (N.Y.C.)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “She Talks To Rainbows”
Ronnie Spector w/ Joey Ramone “Bye Bye Baby”
*Dj Territo “Back To You” (Germany)
*Glenn Smyth “Lost And Found” (Birmingham, England)
*Miam Monster Miam & The Loved Drones “La…” (France)
*Adam Carpet “Pragmatic Children” (Milan, Italy)
*King Canute “Drive” (United Kingdom)
*Maph f/ Noel Royal “Feel Alive” (Moosburg, Germany)
*Liz Cirelli “Losing My Religion” (REM) (Italy, London)
*Yello Castle “Restless Creature” (Perth, Australia)
*of Montreal “Let’s Relate” (Athens, Georgia)
*Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings “Let them Knock” (Brooklyn)
*Citrus Clouds “Imagination” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Martin Nocun “Take It To The Top” (Bournemouth, U.K.)
*Stardust Life “Living On Rock And Roll” (Los Angeles)
*CJ Hooper “Need To Know” (Sydney, Australia)
*Lake Lady “Be Still My Heart” (Oakland, CA)
*Mesh “The Fixer” (Bristol, England)

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Oct 5

@LopsidedWorld of L- Encore Presentation of “ALWAYS MIND THE BOLLOCKS- Volume 5- this week -SATURDAY 11am -SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

Please enjoy the Encore Presentation of #307 “ALWAY’S MIND THE BOLLOCKS- Volume 5 – all U.K. artists. Following week my vacation is over and will rock back in with #310 an all new excursion around the world of new music. To all that listen to this great station @indie1031 thank you for allowing me to take a rare break. Look forward to many exciting new songs rest of the year from musicians you don’t know and do. 


Playlist for #307

City Lights “All The Kings Men” (Manchester)
*The Whereabouts “Double Cross” (Cavan, Ireland)
They Called Him Zone “Just Fall” (Bradford)
*Helen Love “A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bales” (Wales)
The Marivaux “Ebb And Flow” (Manchester)
*Frightened Rabbit “Woke Up Hurting” (Falkirk, Scotland)
Mosley Bar “Rendezvous” (West Lancashire, England)
The Brinks “Temporary Love” (Manchester)
*We Used To Make Things Up “Stillness Of…” (Hackney)
The Swagger “Stoned” (Hornsey, North London)
The Stone Roses “All For One” (Manchester)
*Perpacity “9725” (Bristol)
The Spitfires “On My Mind” (Watford)
*Emnibus “Home” (Surrey)
The Black Delta Movement “Seven Circles” (Kingston Upon Hull)
The Barmines “Reliance” (Leeds)
Molly Daggers “Shakin’ Like The Leaves…” (Colchester/Leeds)
*Ali Ingle “Killer Crush” (London/Liverpool)
Kolumbus “Leave The Light On” (Wicklow, Ireland)
Louis Berry “.45” (Liverpool)
Kamikaze Girls “Stiches” (Leeds)
Calling All Astronauts “Living The Dream” (London)
Honne f/ Izzy Bizu “Someone That Loves You” (London)
SN Dub Station “Yesterday” (Swindon)
Colt 45 “Snakes & Ladders” (Cumbria)
The Battles Of Winter “Wrong Port” (London)
The Inconsistent Jukebox f/Ang Kerfoot “Bold Ego…” (Leeds)
Cartesian Jetstream “Limousines” (Manchester)
Electric Dog House (Strummer/Scabies) “Generations”
New Model Army “Devil” (Bradford)

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Sep 22

@LopsidedWorld of L- PHIL RUDD, WE USED TO MAKE THINGS, LIZ CIRELLI- this and next week – SATURDAY 11am- SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY 10pm

#309 Berlin era will air for two weeks as I will be on vacation. But, worth it to hear ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd on his own with new music. Also, London’s We Used To Make Things and their “Google Song” could be a song for the times. Spain’s Red Morris for you guitar lovers, and Italy’s Liz Cirelli will give you chills on her version of the well known Elvis tune “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”. Enjoy this extraordinary edition.


*First time song airs on show + is replay

*Rival Kings “War” (Zurich, Switzerland)
*Wann Fängst Du An? “Magiers United” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Starr Blazerz “Reconstruction”(intro Malcolm X) (N.America)
*Liz Cirelli “I Can’t Help Falling…”)(Elvis) (Italy/London)
*Phil Rudd (x-AC/DC) “Lonely Child” (Melbourne, AU)
*Copamore f/Alvin River “Where’s Your Love” (Salzburg, Austria)
*Lake Lady (Charise Sowells) “All Over This Town” (Oakland, CA)
*We Used To Make Things “(The Google Song) (Yorkshire, UK)
*Pi Ja Ma “Radio Girl” (Paris, France)
*Wolf Hoffmann “Swan Lake” (Mainz, Germany)
*Angela McCluskey “You And Me” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Kinsky “Bad For Business” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Missendens “New Horizon” (Sydney, Australia)
*Housecrusherzz “You Will Love Again” (Vienna, Austria)
*The Daniel Green Show “Hypocrite” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Ultan Conlan “Lonely Avenues” (Loughrea, Ireland)
*K&K Project “Hour Glass” (Germany)
*Ashley Reaks “Mr. Death Is Dead” London, England)
*Politburo “Zoos Of The World” (Manchester, England)
*At The Space Jam “Hold On” (Perth, Australia)
*The Kickback “Fanger” (Chicago)
*Hirie “Boom Fire” (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
*Was Wenn’s Regnet “Barfuss durch die Wüste” (Germany)
*Red Morris “Black’s Eyes” (Brescia, Spain)
*Betontod “Küss Mich” (Germany)
*Lisa Mitchell “The Boys” (Australia)
*Ian Turner & Tony T “Tonight” (Germany)
*Epica “Universal Death Squad” (Netherlands)

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